lewis deane // projects

I Should Have Remembered That

In my quest to learn new foreign words when learning a new language, I couldn't find a clean and simple app for managing my flashcards - so I built one.


EnhancedAdapter is an Android library that makes writing RecyclerView adapters a breeze.


Create a delightful user experience by displaying different hints to the user for the same EditText every time they navigate to the same screen.

Gym Tracker

I couldn't find a clean and simple app to track my workouts - so I built one.

L Dialogs

A library providing back-compatability for the new style of dialog introduced in android L.

2048 Game

A Python implementation of the popular game 2048. Playable on your desktop with some neat features.

L Navigation Drawer

An Android library allowing you to easily replicate the style of navigation drawer introduced in Android L.